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Coral Creatures

Coral Creature Live Phtoplankton Coral Creature Live Phtoplankton
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Live Phytoplankton – Nannochlorpsis oculata* (not acquired from CSIRO Microalgae supply service). Great for feeding live rotifers or dosing an aquarium to feed zooplankton (such as harpacticoid copepods). It can also form part of an aquarium's biofiltration as phytoplankton utilizes nitrogen and phosphate in its growth phase. This culture is grown using media specifically formulated for phytoplank…
Coral Creatures Live Copepods Coral Creatures Live Copepods
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Culture of Harpacticoid copepods (adult size less than 1mm). Ideal for boosting copepod population or for directly feeding fish like Mandarins and Coral gobies.
Coral Creatures Live L-Type Rotifers Coral Creatures Live L-Type Rotifers
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Brachionus plicatilis is the more common variety of rotifers found here and typically used for raising clownfish. They can also be used to feed your aquarium (e.g., corals and other inhabitants). They are larger than the SS-type, ranging from 200-360um as adults.


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