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Nutris blood worms 100g Nutris blood worms 100g
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Nutris Bloodworms Blister Pack – 24 Cubes / 100g Nutris Bloodworms are a great delicacy for most fish. Why should I feed my fish this? All fish love eating worms. Frozen Bloodworms make a great low cost, no-mess food to treat your fish to. If you’re considering breeding your fish, bloodworms are said to benefit the reproductive system. What’s in it? Bloodworms contain protein, fat and fibre for yo…
Nutris brine shrimp 100g Nutris brine shrimp 100g
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Whole Artemia * Quickly flash frozen * Easy to use cubes * High quality * Rich in vitamins * Improves colouration & vitality Nutris range of Frozen Fish Food offers a popular selection of top selling, high quality food varieties, sourced from locations around the world. Conveniently packed in ready to use cubes, they enable fish to access the food source most sought after in the ocean. Keep stored…
Nutris Cichlid Food 100g Nutris Cichlid Food 100g
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Nutris mysis 100g Nutris mysis 100g
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Nutris Mysis Blister Pack – 20 Cubes / 100g Good quality clean Mysis Shrimp are highly appreciated by all carnivorous freshwater and marine fish. Fresh frozen, they keep their original white colour and whole animal form. Highly attractive staple food for marine and freshwater tropical fish. High protein content and rich in vitamins. Improves colouration and vitality while boosting the immune syste…


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